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Selected Published Works of Jules Siegel

Flamingos Engraved in Garden Window
Advertisement, La Habichuela, Cancun, 1997

1958. "A Student of Milton," The New York Times. Sonnet

1958. "Dawn," The New York Times. Sonnet

These appeared also in Best American Magazine Verse, 1958

1958. "Land's End," The New York Times. Sonnet 

1964. "Another Dawn," Cavalier. Fiction 

1964. "Sterling Hayden," Cavalier. Profile 

1964. "Breakfast in a Chinese Restaurant," Pal . Fiction 

1965. "The New Virginity," Cavalier. Article 

1965. "The Big Beat," Cavalier. Article 

1965. "An American Dream by Norman Mailer," Cavalier. Review 

1965. "Black Humor," Cavalier. Criticism 

1965. "The Fortunate Pilgrim by Mario Puzo," Village Voice. Review 

1966. "What Have We Here?" Saturday Evening Post. Profile of Bob Dylan

1966. "Turn On, Tune In, Take Over," Village Voice. Essay 

1966. "California, There They Run," Village Voice. Article 

1967. "Good Bye Surfing, Hello God!" Cheetah. Profile 

1969. "Playing for Keeps," Playboy. Article 

1969. "Sixth Sense," Playboy. Article 

1969. "The Man Who Believed in Christmas Trees," New American Review. Fiction 

1970. "Déjà Vu," Esquire. Fiction This story also appeared in Best American Short Stories of 1970

1970. "Family Secrets," New American Review. Memoir 

1970. "West of Eden," Playboy. Article 

1971. "Midnight in Babylon," Rolling Stone. Article 

1972. Record. Straight Arrow Books. Collection 

1972. "Anger," Focus. Memoir 

1973. "John Lilly MD," Penthouse. Interview 

1973. "Letter from Los Angeles" Penthouse. Article 

1975. Memoir* Mendocino Press (Littleriver, Calif.). Calligraphic Novel Distributed by Printed Matter, 1976

1976. "The Myth of the Penile Orgasm," Playboy. Essay 

1976. "The Cure," Mendocino Review. Memoir 

1977. "Kill Them and Eat Them," Playboy. Essay 

1977. "Who Is Thomas Pynchon and Why Is He Taking Off With my Wife?"  Playboy. Memoir 

1977. "Public Sex -- LA Style," Playboy. Article 

1977. "The Myth of the Swinging Single," Chic. Essay 

1977. "A Modern Romance," Chic. Memoir 

1978. "The Female Ego," Playboy. Essay 

1978. "Working the Street," Playboy. Article 

1979. "Will Success Spoil Science Fiction?" HiLife. Essay 

1979. "The Crisis of Rationalism," HiLife. Essay 

1979. "The Smell," Gallery. Fiction 

1980. "Farrah Fawcett," Playboy. Article 

1980. The Journal of the Absurd. Workman Publishing. Book 

1980. "The Myth of the Mafia," High Times. Essay 

1982. "Why Things Don't Work," Playboy. Essay 

1982. "Rescued from Death's Door -- My Child's 24 Hours in the Social Security Hospital of Oaxaca" . The Mexico City News. Memoir 

1988. "Como les Fue Con Gilberto? -- Crónica de un norte-americano que vivió el feróz embate del huracán," Diario de Quintana Roo. Memoir 

1989. "A Brief History of Ekab," Diario de Quintana Roo "International Supplement." History 

1991. Cancun: Fantasy of Bankers by Fernando Martí. Editora Martí. Book Translation 

1992. "The Legend of the Descending God," Caribbean News English and Spanish. History 

1992. "In Defense of the Ugly American," Caribbean News. Commentary 

1992. "Has Success Spoiled Cancun?" Caribbean News. Commentary 

1993. "Mama's Boy," Tropic Magazine, The Miami Herald. Essay 

1997. Lineland: Mortality and Mercy on the Internet's Pynchon-L@Waste.Org. Discussion List by Jules Siegel, Christine Wexler, et al. (Intangible Assets Manufacturing, 1997). Book.

Exhibitions & Readings

1976. Reading: "Excerpts from My Journals." Mendocino Art Center. Mendocino, California 

1978. Exhibit: "Calligraphic Journals." Franklin Furnace Archive. New York, New York 

1991. "Hojas Sueltas" Primer Muestra de Creatividad de la Casa de la Cultura de Cancún. Cancun, Q. Roo, Mexico This exhibit was awarded First Prize

Selected Commercial Projects

1960. Client: Sol G. Atlas (David S. Wachsman, Account Supervisor). Nassau County Citizens for JFK. Publicity Campaign 

1960. Client: Westchester Republican County Committee (David S. Wachsman, Account Supervisor). Richard Nixon for President. Advertising Campaign 

1962. Client: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. Publicity Campaign. Guinness Book of World Records

1963. Client: Citizens for Jerome Kretchmer for New York State Assemblyman. Ansonia Independent Democrat. Campaign Newspaper 

1964. Client: Good Reading Rack Service. Change. Reading Rack Booklet 

1967. Client: 21st Century Publishing Co. Inc. Cheetah Magazine 

1975. Client: R. O. Peterson. Mendocino Hotel. Community Relations 

1975. Client: Mendocino Whale War. Publicity Campaign. Press Kit 

1976. Client: Playboy . Consultation. Photography 

1977. Client: Citizens for Mike Parker for Mayor of Tacoma, Wash. "We Believe in Mike Parker." Advertisement 

1978. Client: Omni (Penthouse International). "The Arts," Magazine Section 

1978. Client: Penthouse. "Dreams & Diversions," Magazine Section 

1980 . Client: Clair & Daniele, Family Lawyers. "Before the Honeymoon is Over," Press Kit 

1981. Client: Penrith Farms, Newport, Wash. "Strawberries that Make You Smile!," Advertisement 

1982. Client: Lic. Guillermo Salas. "La Bienvenida al Lic. Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado a Cabo San Lucas," Photograph

1982. Client: Hotel Misión de los Angeles, Oaxaca, Oax. "La Paloma y De La Madrid en la Alameda de León." Post Card 

1984. Client: Fonatur, Cancun, Q. Roo. Playboy Centerfold. Publicity 

1985. Client: Hotel El Presidente Cancun. "La Palapa," Restaurant Logo 

1986. Restaurante La Mansión, Cancun. "Bienvenidos a La Mansión!" Illustrated Menu 

1987. Client: Restaurante La Habichuela, Cancun. "La Habichuela," Advertisement 

1988. Client: Diario de Quintana Roo. "International Supplement," Newspaper Section 

1990. Client: Hotel Fiesta Americana Cancun. "Boquinete," Illustration 

1990. Client: Crystal Springs. "Tinkerbell," Catalog 

1992. Client: I Encuentro Cinematográfico de Cancún. Boletín Informativo. Daily newspaper 

1993. Client: II Festival International Cinematográfico de Cancún. Boletín Diario. Daily magazine 

1995. Client: Puerto Isla Mujeres. Ruta Maya. Newsletter

La Habichuela -- The Stringbean

1998. Client: La Habichuela, Logotype

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