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Reviews of LINELAND

"Rare engagement, as well as
persuasive writing."

"Imagine Stuart Gilbert, Gertrude Stein, Hugh Kenner, Edmund Wilson, and a host of lesser lights chatting about the Aeolus chapter of Joyce's Ulysses on the Internet.... Lineland at once adds facts and commentary to the sparse information about the reclusive Pynchon and demonstrates 'virtual community' in action. An odd but often fascinating book." --Mary Carroll, American Library Association Booklist

"Lineland ingeniously combines an original format with just enough juicy tidbits about Pynchon to satisfy the curious. The book also reveals several different sides of the Internet. With its combination of cyber-culture and Pynchon gossip, Lineland should appeal to a variety of readers."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Lineland pushes the envelope of what we think of as a book.
--Briggs Nesbitt, Enterzone

"A subscriber to the Pynchon mailing-list at Pynchon-L@Waste.Org, a place where numerous international dilettantes and scholars feel free to express their confusion and their inability to tackle his works, and to indulge in "flaming" of each other, Jules Siegel is immune to irony. Solipsistic may be too kind a word to describe this book. Quite simply put, large parts of Lineland are self-serving and narcissistic in the extreme." --Dr. Larry Daw, Spermatikos Logos, July 13, 1997

 [Edited a bit unfairly to express the essence of the original review, which is well worth inspecting for sheer unreasoning outrage.]

"Pynchon fans have got to read Lineland. Any one else will enjoy it because it is fun." --Jimmy Montague
Ideas magazine

"Readers of all backgrounds, whether computer experienced or not, will enjoy this Internet cocktail party!" --Midwest Book Review

"This book is an original. I haven't seen anything like it before or since. If you have any interest in literature or computers, you will want to look this over." -- Buzz Review

The talent and skill he has in bringing this slice of online life to us is undeniable. Lineland is a fascinating work, and I like it a lot. --Mike McCallister
The American Reporter

"Lineland is not about Pynchon or the Internet alone. It is about our culture colliding with communications technology and becoming something new." --John-James Sargent

"I'm not a Pynchon devotee. But I really enjoyed Lineland. The material about Pynchon and the sixties is intriguing, and the autobiographical thread at Lineland's core is more than capable of holding it all together... Lighthearted and engaging." -- Danny Yee's Book Reviews

"Hilarious... poignant... upfront and personal." --Meg Larson
Valley Vanguard

Praise for Jules Siegel's Previous Works The Los Angeles Times reviews Record


The Times (of London) carried an article on June 14 in the magazine section with mentions of Lineland

The New York Review of Books included information about Lineland in their review of Mason & Dixon.

The San Jose Mercury News included information about Lineland and the Pynchon illustration from Lineland in their review of Mason & Dixon in the May 4, 1997 edition.

Netly News, Yahoo Internet Life's Daily 
Double Scoop and
Wired Online ran stories about Lineland

The July, 1997 issue of Philadelphia Magazine included the illustration of Thomas Pynchon from Lineland along with information about the book.